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On the small Welsh island of Skomer, puffin numbers are booming. Louise Tickle writes about A world without Puffins in The Guardian

A world without puffins? The uncertain fate of the much-loved seabirds


On the small Welsh island of Skomer, puffin numbers are booming. But in former strongholds in Scotland, Norway and Iceland, the picture is ever more worrying...


The Guardian

The Guardian, June 2018



Louise Tickle, journalist; Kinship care.  The Times, Saturday Magazine, April 2018

Kinship care: the relatives who bring children up when their parents can't


Abandoned, neglected or abused by their parents, for more than 180,000 children in the UK there is a stark choice: either go into a foster home or be looked after by a relative.


The Times

The Times, Saturday Magazine, April 2018



Louise Tickle, journalist

Terrified of public speaking? Start with what you really want to say


Most of us are afraid of oratory – and women’s voices are judged particularly harshly. Could I conquer my fears with the help of a voice coach?


The Guardian

The Guardian, May 2018



Louise Tickle, journalist; After #MeToo: Fighting the supermarkets for equal pay

'It takes balls of steel': fighting UK supermarkets for equal pay


Four days a week, sometimes five if she can get an extra shift, Zahra Hussein, 21, gets up at 1.30am and heads to work at her local Sainsbury’s, where she clocks on at 3am...


The Guardian

The Guardian, January 2018


Annie’s son was removed from her just days after he was born, the third of her children to be taken into care. This is the story of her battle to get him back.  By Louise Tickle, freelance journalist; The Guardian Feb 2016

One woman's fight to keep her baby


In the late afternoon of Friday 12 July 2013, in the calm, modern maternity wing of North Tyneside general hospital, 16-year-old Peter Bertram made a video of his mother holding his newborn baby brother.


The Guardian

The Guardian, February 2016



The crisis in school support for children with special needs by Louise Tickle in The Guardian

Photograph: Shutterstock

‘People give up’: the crisis in school support for children with special needs


The government’s own figures show big rises in the numbers of education, health and care plan assessments being refused or delayed.


The Guardian

The Guardian, September 2017



Louise Tickle, journalist. The Guardian

Photograph: Shutterstock

Are we taking too many children into care?


The numbers of children being taken into care are at record levels and rising, leading to fears that the system could soon be at breaking point. Why is this happening – and what can be done?


The Guardian

The Guardian, November 2016


Louise Tickle writes about domestic violence in the Guardian Weekend magazine April2014

Domestic violence: why did my sister have to die?


After years of abuse, Jeannette Chambers' sister Christine tried to leave her partner. One night he let himself into her house, murdering her and their two-year-old daughter. Christine had called for help dozens of times: why didn't the police do more to protect them?


The Guardian

The Guardian Weekend, April 2014



Intensive care: life with a seriously ill baby by Louise Tickle in The Guardian

Intensive care: life with a seriously ill baby


For babies born ill or early, the first few weeks in intensive care can be gruelling. How do they (and their parents) get through it? We follow one baby born with a serious heart defect


The Guardian

The Guardian, January 2014



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